If you're looking for a way to make your home more secure, the best place to start is with the doors. According to a recent study, most burglars break into homes through the doors and windows. That's why you should invest in a security door for your home. But, you should take steps to get the most benefits from your investment. Now that you're going to invest in a security door for your home, read the list provided below. Here are four steps that will help you increase your home's security. 

Protect All Exterior Doors

If you're going to invest in a security door for the front of your home, don't stop there. Protecting the front door is a good start, but there are other doors that need extra protection. Make sure that burglars can't kick their way through. Increase the security throughout the house. Have a security company install security doors on all your exterior doors. 

Add Security Deadbolts

When it comes to installing security doors, make sure you choose the right locks. An ordinary keyed lock usually won't work to stop burglaries and home invasions. For that, you need to have deadbolts installed in your new security doors. Deadbolts can't get sawed through and can't get picked with ordinary lock pick sets. Not only that, but deadbolts are designed to go further into the frame. This makes deadbolts an important security element for your new security doors. 

Include Window Screens

Now that you're installing security doors on your home, be sure to include the windows. Security companies can also design security screens for your windows. Security screens let you open your windows for fresh air and still provide security for your home. Security screens are designed to fit all the windows in your home. If you own a multi-level home, it's important to add security screens to the upstairs windows, as well. Burglars will climb onto the roof if they can gain access through the windows. 

Install New Door Frames

If you're ready to install security doors, focus on the frames. If you have wood or aluminum door frames, now's the time for an upgrade. The best thing to do is invest in new steel frames to go with your security doors. Steel frames make it impossible for burglars to kick in your residential doors. That means your home has the protection it needs to prevent home invasions and burglaries. 

For more information about how to prevent burglaries, reach out to a local security door supplier.