Fake profiles are occasionally used for phishing and blackmail purposes. A person who portrays a fictitious person may take on a false identity that seems valid. A perpetrator can become aggressive toward an unsuspecting social media platform user. They may make monetary demands or resort to blackmailing the person they are targeting. 

How To Avoid Pitfalls

The most obvious way to avoid interacting with a perpetrator is by only messaging people who an account holder is familiar with. Familiarity may not stop all threats from occurring, however. It is possible for a perpetrator to take on the identity of someone who an account holder is already friendly with.

An account holder should always be mindful of what they type to others. They should also concentrate on picking up signs from other users that do not seem normal. If an account holder has a mix of familiar and unfamiliar people on their friend list, they should assess their list and remove people who they have either not spoken to in a while or who they are completely unfamiliar with.

What To Do If A Problem Arises

Security breaches can result in the loss of personal information or funds. An account holder should avoid using a social media platform to send money to others. If an individual is concerned about the interactions that they have been experiencing with another account holder, they should immediately change their password. In addition, they should set their profile to private.

A private status will not allow a stranger to view a profile page. Information that has been filtered and set to a 'friends only' status will only be viewable by the people who an account holder is familiar with. If threatening messages or other suspicious activities have been detected, a platform user should notify a representative of the social media site. This person will investigate what has occurred, to determine if a security breach or another issue has compromised one's safety while using their account.

There are some outside sources that can also aid an account user. A business that investigates online crimes will take a close look into what has been occurring. A representative may need to acquire access to an individual's personal account. Accessing an account that has been affected will allow a thorough investigation to be conducted. If any criminal activity has been discovered, efforts will be made to locate the individual who committed the crime. 

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