Are there frequent customer fights in the parking lot? You need an authoritative figure to enforce parking lot rules. Hiring an unarmed security guards service can help maintain order in your workplace. On top of their general security duties, security guards play a crucial role in managing customer flow. Unarmed guards are suitable for low-risk environments like parking lots, customer lobbies, and service desks. They are less daunting than armed guards but still provide an authoritative presence that ensures things remain orderly. What roles can these security professionals play in making your business operations smoother?

1. Enforce Parking Lot Rules 

Unarmed security guards are great at enforcing parking lot rules. They can help with everything from traffic regulations to keeping vehicles in line. They can also help ensure that cars are parked correctly and safely, ensuring no damage to property or other cars. They can also help you with customer queries regarding parking lots and even guide customers to their parking spots.  

2. Maintain Order on Service Queues      

Unarmed security guards are a good way of creating order in service queues, especially when the lines are long. Security officers can be stationed at the end of each queue to help maintain order and direct customers to the proper lines. 

3. Manage Traffic at Entry Points     

An unarmed security guards service can act as a sort of traffic controller at entry points and help ensure that people don't get into the building at the wrong time. As a result, they can ensure that office operations run more smoothly. They can also be stationed in building lobbies to direct visitors to their desired destinations in the building.

4. Help with Customer Enquiries     

Unarmed security guards are a good way of assisting customers who have inquiries on different issues. They can help visitors with different issues like finding lost items or even handling complaints. 

5. Deter Criminal Activities    

Unarmed security guards can act as deterrents to any criminal activities that may occur on your business premises. They can use their presence to deter potential robbers and other criminals, making your premises safer for everyone. They are also trained in observation and can identify suspicious activity, investigate and take action before it blows into a big security incident. 

While they are not armed with guns, they often carry non-lethal tools like batons and pepper spray to control violent behavior. When an incident escalates, they contact law enforcement to provide an appropriate armed response. 

Would you like to see more orderly manners in your customer service areas? Talk to an unarmed security guards service to deploy personnel for smoother business operations.