When you are arrested and booked into jail, you may not want to spend the next few days or weeks behind bars until your court appearance. You want to go home to your family and try to resume your life before you must appear before a judge.

However, the bail amount the judge sets in your arraignment hearing might be too expensive for you to afford on your own. Instead, you may want to use a professional bail bonds service to get you out of jail faster.

Fast Posting of Your Bond

A bail bonds service may be able to post your bail and get you out of jail within a matter of hours after you call them. Some bail bonds services are open all hours of the day and have a bail bonds agent on call all week. You can have your bail posted immediately once a clerk is available at the detention facility to take the payment from the bail bonds agent.

This fast posting of your bond can spare you from having to spend long hours or days behind bars. You can get home to your loved ones quickly, and wait for your next court date in better comfort and privacy than what you would get in jail.

Discretion and Respect

Further, when you use a bail bonds service, you are treated with discretion and respect. You might fear the bail bonds agent will be mean to you and embarrass you after posting your bond. However, you will find that you are given professional service and will have your privacy protected to the extent that the law permits.

Variety of Payment Options

Finally, you may be offered a variety of payment options to pay back your bail bonds. The service might allow you to make payments over the course of several months to pay it off in full. You might also be allowed to use a credit card to pay off the sum so you can resolve your contract quickly and relieve your obligation to the bail bonds service.

A bail bonds company can provide you with important services after your arrest. They can post your bond quickly to get you out of jail, and they will also treat you with respect and discretion. You likewise might be offered a variety of payment options to pay back your obligation to the bail bonds service. To learn more about this topic, contact a company near you, such as Abaasy Bail Bonds.