Commercial properties tend to be large and spread out, making keeping a commercial property secure a task that requires coordination and planning. With a commercial property, there are multiple roles that a security guard service can play in keeping your space safe.

Role #1: Parking Enforcement

With a commercial property, you more than likely have a very large parking area that is designed to serve the businesses that rent out your commercial space. Although you may have a big parking area, you may also have a high demand for parking, which is where a parking enforcement security guard comes into play.

You could have a booth that everyone who enters your parking lot has to go through, where the parking guard validates their permit. Or you can have a roaming parking lot security guard that will keep vehicles from parking in fire routes, issue warnings to people parking without a permit, and call the towing company to remove illegally parked cars. A parking security guard can assist with the flow of traffic when necessary, as well.

Keeping your building safe starts with keeping your parking lot safe. Having a visible security presence in your parking lot can decrease the chance of vandalism and harm to your physical building.

Role #2: Mobile Patrol 

Second, on a large property, you will also want to have some mobile security guards. A mobile security guard will constantly be walking around the inside and outside of the commercial property, checking on anything that raises suspension and making sure that things on in order.

A mobile security guard can also respond to any alarms that are triggered on the property. They can also provide emergency response and analyze when additional services need to be called to deal with a situation.

A mobile patrol service guard is always on the move, keeping things safe and in order.

Role #3: Stationary Security Guard

Third, with a commercial building, it is also essential to have a stationary security guard presence, for example, in the front lobby of the building. This security guard can monitor who comes in and out of the building. They can issue visitors' passes and provide permission for access. They can also monitor security feeds and provide the mobile patrol with information and visual backup.

Having a stationary security guard will also give employees and customers someone to turn to if they need assistance, be it with an emergency, directions, or something else. They will know where to find the stationary security guard.

With a commercial building, you will need multiple security guards who will fill different purposes and roles. A parking enforcement guard, a mobile security guard, and a stationary security guard can work together to keep your property safe and well monitored.

For more information, contact a security guard company in your area.