As a retail owner you want to make sure your staff, customers, and product are safe from theft and damages. For this reason, you should consider hiring on a permanent security guard or two to protect your business. There are different types of security guard services available, and it's important to understand the differences so you can hire the right type of guard for your needs.

Property Protection

You need a property protection guard if your main concerns include parking lot theft, car break-ins, outdoor product theft, or after-hours damages and theft to the property. Property protection guards may walk the property or drive around it, depending on the size of your property and whether they are onsite during or after business hours. You can also opt for a combined monitoring service that uses closed-circuit security cameras for large-scale property monitoring and security guards that investigate issues that come up via the security footage.

Concierge Guards

A concierge guard typically stands at the entrance or exit to your store. They may also walk rounds inside your store during business hours. They wear a uniform that easily identifies them as security. The presence of a concierge guard near the door can help dissuade theft, plus the guard will have training in spotting possible shoplifters. Even more important, these guards also have some customer training skills that allow them to be friendly and provide some assistance to your customers, such as directing them to the department of the store they are looking for.

Loss Prevention

If shoplifting is your main concern, you a need a security guard trained in loss prevention. Loss prevention guards often dress in plain clothes so that they resemble customers. They are trained to not just spot potential thieves but  also to apprehend them and hold them for the police when a theft does occur. In most legal jurisdictions, a non-officer can only detain a shoplifter if they actually have stolen merchandise on their person. A loss prevention guard is trained to work within these laws so that your company won't be liable. 

Armed Guards

Armed guards aren't typically used in retail establishments unless there are high-cost items or cash that can be stolen. You may hire an armed guard to pick up money and take it to the bank, for example. There are also guards that carry non-lethal weapons, like tasers, that may be hired in the event that your business has recently been targeted by violent thieves.

For more help in finding the perfect security guards, contact a security service in your area.