If a rash of break-ins at your jewelry shop has you on pins and needles each time the bell rings when the door to your business opens or when you head home at the end of each day, increasing security and protecting yourself will help ease your mind and decrease the odds that your shop will be stolen from again. Use the tactics below to take control of your shop's security and put the fear of theft behind you. 

Hire Security Guards to Patrol the Premises

Hire a couple security guards and request that one of them patrols the outside of your building and the other one oversees what is occurring inside of your jewelry store. If you are concerned about customers being wary by spotting security guards on the premises or if you feel that the security guards will intimidate some of your clientele, request that the guards dress in civilian clothing and appear to be regular citizens when they are on your property.

If an altercation occurs outside or inside of the shop, the guards will act swiftly to remand the person causing a ruckus so that goods are not stolen from your shop. Request that the guards monitor the premises after your shop closes and to report to you if any suspicious activity is detected. 

Take Self Defense Classes and Carry Spray

Sign up for self defense classes at an adult education facility or recreational complex. During classes, you will be taught the proper way to defend yourself if you are approached by an unsavory character who is interested in stealing from your shop. The moves that you are taught will not permanently injure anyone, but they will stop a person in their tracks so that you can get away from them and seek assistance from a law official.

After training is complete, purchase a can of pepper spray and carry the spray on you when you are at the jewelry store alone. The spray will daze and confuse a person if the liquid comes into contact with their eyes and will further increase the chances that you will not be the victim of a theft. 

Use a Safe and Armored Vehicle to Transport Cash

If your jewelry store does not have a concealed safe inside of it, hire a technician to install a safe under a desk or in one of the walls in your shop. If new merchandise is received and you do not have enough time to place it in a jewelry case, you can store the valuables inside of the safe for the time being.

If your cash register needs to be emptied several times a day, store excess cash in the safe so that it is out of sight. Once you have accumulated a lot of money, contact an armored vehicle company and request that one of their employees drive over to your shop to pick up the cash and deposit it for you at your local bank.

If you want more tips on how you can up security, consult a commercial security guard company such as one that can be found at http://protectedbytrust.com.