Home security took a huge leap forward when cameras became standard many years ago, and since then, those cameras have helped countless homeowners keep their homes safe. Most people use a few cameras in select places like the front door, but there are other areas where you might want additional cameras. After you place the main ones by the front door, windows, and patio, see if adding a few more areas might make life even easier.

Front Door Angles

One area that might benefit from an additional camera is the front door but from a different angle. Package theft has become a major issue in many cities, but the overhead camera usually used to get a glimpse of someone at the front door often misses the face of someone bending over to pick up a package. To fix this, add a camera or two off to the side of the door so you get the person in profile. If something happens and someone takes a package away, you'll get a better view of the face, making it easier to identify them.

The Garage

The garage is often one of the weak points in your home security. An electronic opener can be hacked if you're not careful, and sometimes it's just so easy to rush out and leave the garage door open. Adding a camera by the garage door can help you identify anyone who tries funny business at that part of your home.

Back Fences

If you have a large backyard that isn't easily viewed from your patio-door camera, You may want to install another one at the far end of the yard. That camera can help you identify people jumping over into your yard. Obviously, if you have a very tall fence surrounded by plants like cactus, this might not be such a big concern. But for shorter fences in open areas, a camera could be a good addition. In fact, you may want to have one near the fence and then another pointed back toward the house (but be aware of privacy issues for your family if they are in the yard).

Talk to a security company, like Armstrong 24/7, about places where a camera could do some good. You want to be able to identify anyone entering your home who shouldn't be there, and you want to get proof of anything illegal that they did. Security cameras could help you out quite a bit.