When it comes to hiring a security guard, you want to be sure that you are hiring someone with the right qualities to actually protect you in the way that you should be protected. With the right security guard training, you should be able to have a security by your side who you feel safe around. Here are four traits that should be seen:

  1. Communication Skills: You want your security guard to be able to communicate well with you and with others. First off, the should communicate well with you since you will be around them often, but also so that you are aware of any dangers that they may have found. Your security guard should be informing you of these things. However, you also want a security guard who communicates well with others since someone who is personable is more likely to deter criminals from causing harm to you as their client. 
  2. Awareness Skills: Another trait your security guard should have is awareness of their surroundings. Of course, without this skill how will they know if you are in any danger. This is also the best way to ensure that they are going to react quickly to a situation because they are more likely to see it coming. To notice this skill in your security guard, you want to pay attention to how well they are informing you of a situation and how well they are focusing on the environment when out in public with you. 
  3. Flexibility Skills: What this means is having a security guard that is flexible with your needs. While they may be observant, they can't always tell how you are feeling in a certain situation. If you feel uncomfortable at all with a certain person or situation, you need to let your security guard know and they should be flexible in their services for you so that they are helping you to feel more comfortable. 
  4. Reliability Skills: Finally, your security guard needs to be reliable. This means being on your side whenever you are in need. You don't want to have to keep switching between security guards because yours is not able to come to your side when you need it. You should be able to find a security guard you are comfortable with and be able to stick with them for your own comfort and security. 

When you recognize these four traits in a security guard, you know you have found the right one for you.