Burglary comes with a high cost for businesses of every size. From productivity issues to a loss of assets, the consequences are real. However, for a small business, the cost of these types of events can be especially great; if not completely devastating. Small business owners must act to protect themselves from a break-in.

Weak Employee Vetting

Outside intruders are not the only threat to businesses. Employees also make up a fair amount of commercial burglary. On average, as much as 7% of a company's revenue is wiped out due to employee theft. Business owners need to understand that crime has no look or appearance.

Hiring employees without taking steps to verify credentials and ensure the individual doesn't have a history of criminal activity is a grave mistake that opens the door to an employee making away with your assets. Develop and execute a background check process that ensures the employees you bring on board have the right motive.

Overlooking Outside Security

Small business owners do not typically have the manpower that some larger corporations have. Taking on more tasks than you are qualified for, or can humanly manage, is often required, but also a mistake waiting to happen. Concerning security, this means more opportunities for your business to experience a burglary.

A business owner should not overlook the protection that outside security firms can afford them. From monitoring the property to being on site in the event of an incident to surveying the area for hidden security risks, these professionals can bring a greater level of protection to an organization.

Focusing Solely on Internal Security

Internal security is important, but the exterior areas are equally important to protect. Poor lighting, overgrown bushes, and poor door protection are just some of the threats to the exterior spaces of a business that if neglected can serve as an invite for a possible intruder.

It's important to understand that even if an intruder doesn't get away with any property, patrons burglarized while on your property still equals a loss for you. Take action to ensure the exterior spaces of the business is protected to safeguard your assets, as well as those of your customers.

A business owner who fails to recognize and correct these types of security mistakes is putting everything they, and their team has worked for in jeopardy. Work with a company, like A P I Security, to prevent these concerns and safeguard your assets with swift action.