You don't want your personal safe to allow moisture to collect inside; this can ruin the contents of your safe. You also don't want to pull out your belongings only to discover that they all smell musty and oil. Here is how you can stop the moisture and the must in your personal safe.


If you have moisture inside of your personal safe, you are going to want to control the moisture and get rid of it inside of your safe. One of the best ways to deal with moisture in your personal safe is by absorbing it up. There are a few different ways you can absorb the moisture inside of your safe and get rid of it.

You can purchase silica gel packs and put them inside of your personal safe. Silica gel packs are an effective way to remove moisture from the air. Another way to remove moisture through the air is through charcoal. Charcoal can help remove moisture from the air and make your safe a safer place for you to store items.

Musty Smell

If your personal safe has a musty smell, you are going to want to get rid of the musty smell so that it doesn't permeate all of your belonging in the safe. There are lots of different ways you can remove the musty smell from your personal safe.

To start with, you can put a small bowl of coffee grounds in the safe and shut the door. Keep the coffee grounds in the safe until the smell has been removed from the safe.

Another way to get rid of the smell is by putting a container of the baking soda inside of the safe. Just opening up a small container of baking soda and place it inside of your safe. Switch out the container of baking soda every few months to keep your safe smelling safe.

Get Rid Of Moisture & Musty Smells

Finally, to get rid of moisture and musty smells permanently you are to want to check the weather stripping on the safe. If it has deteriorated, replacing it will help prevent moisture and musty smells from developing in your safe permanently. You can get weather stripping from your local hardware store or you can get it directly from the manufacture of the safe. You will want to pull off the weather stripping and attach it using the adhesive that comes with the weather stripping.

Contact locksmith services if you need more help.