As the world becomes increasingly more violent, security is playing an important role in many large corporations. Maintaining security levels can seem challenging, but making the choice to invest in security guards can be a great way to protect your business against security threats in the future.

Here are three simple ways that security guards can protect your business against harm.

1. Security guards can limit access.

Having security guards posted on your commercial property allows you to better control who gains entry into your place of business. Security guards can conduct safety screenings to ensure visitors are not carrying a weapon, and security guards can also help you identify individuals who might look out of place.

Posting security guards on your company property provide you with a valuable tool to help control the accessibility of your commercial property in the future.

2. Security guards can respond to potential threats.

When a potentially threatening situation arises, your first instinct is likely to contact the police for assistance. Although police do their best to provide help when needed, law enforcement response times can be delayed.

According to experts, the average response time for police departments across the nation is 10 minutes. This leaves ample time for an intruder or unruly customer to wreak havoc on your business. Having a security guard on-site gives you immediate access to a trained individual who can work to mitigate security threats before they escalate into dangerous situations.

3. Security guards can provide surveillance.

In order to address a potential security threat, you need to know that the threat exists. Stationary video cameras and alarm systems can provide valuable surveillance data to help you protect your business, but these pieces of equipment are susceptible to mechanical failure, loss of power, and even tampering.

A security guard patrolling your corporate premises can act as a living surveillance system. Security threats can be identified immediately, and the security guard can respond to the threat to neutralize it as quickly as possible.

Working toward improved corporate safety is a goal that should be at the forefront of your mind. Making the choice to invest in security guards provides you with the opportunity to supply your company with individuals who can improve the safety of customers and employees. Security guards have the ability to limit access, respond immediately to threats, and conduct surveillance to identify potentially dangerous situations in order to improve the safety of your company in the future.

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