You might assume that once you have a home security system installed, you don't have to do anything to keep your home secure other than turning the system on at night and changing the batteries in the control pad. Unfortunately, even the best home security systems need regular maintenance to continue functioning optimally. So, check out these tips to learn more about performing security inspections and maintaining your home security system.

Perimeter Checks

Doing a weekly perimeter check on your house ensures that all of the security measures you've taken are working properly. When you walk around your home, you need to:

  • Inspect the locks on all of your windows and doors.
  • Check the door and window frames to make sure they aren't broken or rotting.
  • Test the sensors on all of your doors and windows. You want to make sure that the adhesive is still holding the sensors in place properly. Also, if your sensors are wireless, you need to check the batteries to ensure they are holding a charge.
  • Make sure all of your exterior lights are working properly.
  • Inspect your exterior cameras to make sure they are aimed correctly. Also, check the monitors and/or recording equipment to make sure you're getting a clear image.

Test the Control Panel

In order for the rest of your home security system to perform properly, the control panel needs to be working right. Your control panel has a test mode that allows you to run a self-diagnostic test to make sure your system is working correctly, To test your system, call your monitoring company to notify them that you are performing a test, and then, follow the test-mode instructions for your system. You should also visually inspect the panel for any signs of damage or loose wires.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Your home security system includes more than the control panel and exterior sensors. Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms also play a big role in keeping your home safe. When you're performing your security check, make sure you test each alarm to make sure the battery is charged and it's in working order.

Safe Maintenance

If you have had a safe installed, you should also check to make sure it's secure while you're checking the rest of your home security system. After all, your safe is what protects your valuable items. You should test the lock and key system, visually inspect the control panel, and test any sensors running to your safe. If you find any issues, contact a safe technician or locksmith from a company like A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC to make any repairs needed.

Keeping your home secure is important. Not only does maintaining your home security help protect your valuables, it helps protect your family. So, take the time to perform perimeter checks, run a control panel test, check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and inspect your safe to make sure all of your home's safety features are working properly.