Of all of the threats that can arise in a home setting, fire is one of the most disconcerting. One occurrence can destroy everything you have worked hard to obtain, and the threat to your family's safety is severe during a fire. A fire suppression system is not just a component that is available for a business, but for the average home as well. Her are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning fire sprinkler systems in the home.

How does the sprinkler system work?

Fire sprinkler systems work by detecting temperature changes within the home. The sprinkler systems are designed to automatically disperse water downward in the event that the temperature rises above a certain point, which would indicate a fire in the vicinity. The sprinkler heads are placed throughout the home and connected to an existing water supply with small pipes of plumbing or flexible hoses.

Will the fire suppression system be noticeable?

This is a common concern in the home where aesthetic appeal is important. Sprinkler systems can be placed in an inconspicuous area or in a recessed position in the ceiling so they are barely recognizable.

Can a sprinkler system be installed in an existing structure?

It is easier to install a fire sprinkler system in a home as it is being constructed just as it is with other components of the home. However, it is completely possible for a sprinkler system to be added after the fact. An installation expert will evaluate your home to assess the risks and needs where fire protection is concerned, and then will work to implement the needed components.

Is there a danger of the sprinkler system kicking in when there is no fire, only smoke?

Because of the fact that fire sprinkler systems work by sensing temperature fluctuations, there is no concern of the system kicking in when there is smoke in your home. Unlike a smoke detector, water will only be dispersed once the temperature rises above a level that would be associated with fire in the home. Therefore, there is no need to be worried that your home will be damaged by the system just because of smoke.

Keeping your home safe from a fire is one of the most important things you can do for the safety of your family. A fire suppression system is taking the task beyond just the average smoke detector installation and will provide a much more effective form of fire protection.